Academic Coaching and Tutoring in English

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As an English and reading teacher for over 30 years, I provide

Direct teaching in English to improve performance in reading, speaking, writing, listening, and grammar (Third Grade to Adult)

Private tutoring in all aspects of Conversational English and/or Business English for adults

Training in how to increase your Writing and/or Reading scores on the TOEFL, IELTS, or AMIR exams

Strategies to pass Bagrut (English, Literature, History, Civics) Exams

Practice for your next job interview with a mock interview designed by Ahava

Assistance with editing of your CV/Resume in English (focus on ATS compliant format)

Proofreading and editing of academic papers for professors, college students…

Teacher Assistant (College) - grading papers, scoring exams...
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Academic Coaching and Tutoring in English
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